Psychosocial Conflict Analysis Tool

The psychosocial conflict analysis is a tool for evaluation and self-evaluation that integrates parts of the “Do No Harm”-approach of Mary Anderson with the psychosocial approach. The conflict analysis can be applied at the level of teams as well as at the level of projects and programmes. It aims at improving the understanding and handling of conflicts in the context of projects in order to increase the conflictstransformative effect of the work.

For further informations about the Psychosocial Conflict Analysis Tool you could find the tool in German, English, Spanish and France:

Die psychosoziale Konfliktanalyse – Tool
Die psychosoziale Konfliktanalyse – Leitfaden
Die psychosoziale Konfliktanalyse – Anwendungsbeispiel

Psychosocial Conflict Analysis – Tool
Análisis psicosocial de conflictos – Guide
Psychosocial Conflict Analysis – Implementation Example

Análisis psicosocial de conflictos – Manual
Análisis psicosocial de conflictos – Guía de uso
Análisis psicosocial de conflictos – Ejemplo de aplicacio?n

Analyse Psychosociale des Conflits – Présentation de l‘instrument
Analyse Psychosociale des Conflits – Guide d’utilisation
Analyse Psychosociale des Conflits – Exemple d’Application