Evaluating PAIF in Eastern Congo: Support for survivors of sexualized violence

Location: Kivu Region in Democratic Republic of Congo
Duration: 2014 – 2015
Partners: Medica Mondiale, BMZ, PAIF
Staff involved: Kathrin Groninger, Dr. Aziza Aziz-Suleyman
Links: medicamondiale.org
Status: ongoing

Medica Mondiale approached Kathrin Groninger from OPSI to evaluate the project of PAIF (Promotion and Support to Women Initiatives / Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Féminines) that is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development organization. The project is called Solidarity with the women and girls, survivors of sexual violence in the Est of the DRC / Solidarité avec les femmes et filles survivantes de la violence sexuelle à l’Est de la RDC. Since 2004 Medica Mondiale has been collaborating with the Congolese women’s rights organization PAIF.

The project aims to provide support services specifically to women and girl survivors of rape in the Kivu provinces. The counsellors provides emotional support as well as economic and medical aid to the victims. PAIF also educates families, communities, and institutions about violence against women, documents cases of sexualized violence, and advocates for the prosecution of the perpetrators. After having carried out an evaluation process together with Dr. Aziza Aziz-Suleyman from DDC Congo/Burundi and with the staff of PAIF in 2014, OPSI will support in future planning processes in 2015.

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