Do no harm and psychosocial issues: Conflict analysis in Haiti

Location: Haiti
Duration: 2012
Partner: Fastenopfer Schweiz
Staff involved: Kathrin Groninger
Status: ongoing

Incendiary attack of local farmer association in CariceIf you are trying to hide your benefits, you will experience consequences!Destruction and Construction in the middle of ParadiseA street of hope in Tiburon

Life and survival of the people in Haiti means dealing with multiple types of conflicts – old and new ones, ordinary and exceptional ones, violent and peaceful ones. Working life is shaped by these conflicts and in turn influences the course of the conflicts.
OPSI has supported various organizations in Haiti in understanding and influencing such processes. For instance, we have worked with a centre of a local farming association in Carice, a village in the hilly east of the country, which became a victim of an incendiary attack during the communal elections. Using our psychosocial and conflict oriented approach we have analyzed the conflicts around the organization in order to make them realize their subjective perspective in the past and present.
This was to help them understand what had happened to them and enable them to develop conscious strategies for conflict transformation in the future and for efficiency in their organization.

The Map of HaitiThe Caribbean Sea in the SouthwestThe Presidential Palace two years after the EarthquakeLife is going onNew Hope for homeless peopleOn the roadWorkshop discussionsWorkshop discussionsWorkshop discussionsMerci seigneurEnd of construction