Psychosocial stability and dealing with conflict as well as facilitation of biological agriculture and fair trade in Senegal

Location: Senegal
Duration: June – December 2012
Partner: Fastenopfer Schweiz
Staff involed: Kathrin Groninger
Status: ongoing


Fastenopfer supports people’s right for food for unprivileged people. In Senegal Fastenopfer support the local partner organization AGRECOL. In order to reduce farmers’ dependency and to secure long-lasting land utilization the local partner organization assists in finding biological solutions. Further trainings create people’s own initiative, long-lasting irrigation systems, and opportunities for selling as well as family businesses. With its work AGRECOL also focuses on young people, especially on girls. In order to avoid that they move away into the cities and take on badly paid house work, they show solidarity with women’s groups and thus founded the project ABIMAF, “Agriculture Biologique pour le Maintien des Jeunes Filles à l’Ecole”. Local members who work in the villages of the families are not only close counselors in financial needs and in economic life situations but also in social and family crises.

Together with AGRECOL, OPSI operates from distance process oriented counseling work in order to support the psychosocial component in the work of their locally operating staff. The aim is to investigate the reasons for social, family- and individual crises of the target group in the project and to implement elements of psychosocial counseling and crisis intervention into the counseling work of the staff. At the end of 2012 there will be a project visit in order to develop the project and to train the staff.