Training on Reconstruction after Conflict and War in Northern Ireland

Working Area: Belfast, Northern Ireland – Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 2005
Partners: Open University in Belfast
Staff involved: David Becker, Brandon Hamber
Status: finished

In February 2005, OPSI started a training programme entitled „Reconstruction after Conflict and War“ for community workers based in Northern Ireland.
In the first 3-day-workshop in Northern Ireland, the 22 participants were trained in aspects of psychosocial work, reconciliation and conflict transformation. After the workshop, the participants went back to apply and test their newly gained knowledge and to write a paper about it. The participants then had the opportunity to reflect on their experience in a 3-day-workshop in June 2005 in Barcelona, which included a focus on dealing with the past and vicarious traumatisation.
The course was accredited with the Open University in Belfast.