As a specialised group of consultants, we offer a range of professional services aimed at improving the practice of psychosocial work.
These include:

Project Design, Assessments and Evaluation

We offer:

  • Development of strategies and concepts
  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Assistance with processes of self-evaluation
  • Backstopping
  • Coaching and supervision

We work in a process-driven way geared to the specific requirements of each context and client. We use an integrated methodology that acknowledges the organisational dynamics, as well as the impact of the psychological dimensions of
our clients‘ projects and programmes.
We understand external support not as a once off, short-term and result-oriented activity. We see it as a mutual process in which key problems are defined and realistic solutions developed. This enables our clients to introduce sustainable changes, maximise efficiency, and increase cost effectiveness.

Training, Supervision and Backstopping

We offer training on the integration of psychosocial methods into development projects and humanitarian aid. We train for example on the following issues:

  • Psychosocial work and income generation
  • Psychosocial support of marginalized families
  • Developing trauma sensitive projects and programs
  • The complexities of dealing with the past in societies in transition
  • The relevance of the psychosocial dimension in technical cooperation

We assist with

  • Preparation for work in cross-cultural settings
  • Designing trainings for field staff of development projects or specialized psychosocial projects
  • Supervising psychosocial teams or supporting supervisors of teams
  • Conflict transformation and trauma management strategies in post-war contexts
  • Reflection and documentation of project and program work

Our services are customized to the needs of specific projects or individuals in their social and cultural context.

Material Development and Tools

We help clients to develop manuals and tools that are tailored to the specific needs of their users.
We do not believe in simple recipes but we are interested in assisting project staff to develop their own manuals and tools for their work and social and cultural context.


We offer:

  • Development, evaluation and implementation of qualitative methods of assessment of psychosocial programmes and trauma projects in developmental contexts;
  • Contributions to research on integrating psychosocial issues into developmental co-operation, including primary research and data gathering;
  • Context-specific analyses and international comparisons on:
    • Trauma and trauma interventions
    • Strategies for dealing with the past
    • Health and mental health work
    • Education and education systems
    • Community development Role and function of civil society